Guide services

Hiking, backpacking and ascending on volcanoes

Guide services on backpacking, hiking tours. 

  • Russian, EnglishLanguages
  • Sertified backpacking guide, sertified excursion guide, amateur mountaineer (3-rd grade Russian Mountaineering Federation)Education
  • In active tourism since 2015Experience

Travels across Kamchatka

Hiking and backpacking tours across Kamchatka

I can make almost any kind of trip across Kamchatka with individual schedule or I can help you with your tour.

  • Accomodation: hotels, guest houses, base camps etc
  • Transportation, offroad vehicles
  • Meals: preparing meals for backpacking tours
  • Guide, cook and interpreter services
  • Permits and other paperwork

Learn to snowboard

Learn how to ride on a snowboard with sertified instructor

Learn to ride on a snowboard safely and quickly with the sertified NRLI snowboard instructor. 

Удостоверение инструктора по сноуборду НЛИ

Ask question

You can ask any question about Kamchatka or anything else. I will tell about better time of the year, where you can see best views, what gear you should take with you...
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